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Becoming an artist is not easy. Specially, in a region where art is considered a disrespectful career and science or engineering is the only way to make your families happy. Counseling is not even present at any level. So, deciding a career mostly depends on where your parents want you to go. Only a few people are lucky enough to understand what they want to do with their lives, have a self-chosen purpose, and even fewer who are lucky enough to carry it out.

Similar was the case with me. Even though I was free to choose whatever I wanted, but in reality, this freedom was actually limited to engineering or medical fields. And so, having no access to actual guidance or counseling, I chose what I thought was best at that time. Then, it was too late when I figured out what I actually wanted.

All those things aside, I never let go of my artistic side. I have always been in love with creativity and imagination, and was interested in almost everything that required either physical work or creativity. And hence, I participated in all the fun activities that I could. Which also included taking online personality tests. One of them being the famous 16personalities test.

In this test you have to answer a number of questions in terms of how strongly you agree or disagree with the statement. After answering all these questions, you are then categorized into one of the 16 personality types. There are 4 major groups which are further divided into 4 groups each, which makes a total of 16 categories. The categorization is based on how you score in these 4 traits: Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics. There is an additional trait named: Identity.

After taking this test I was sorted into the Diplomats group named: “Campaigner”, with a personality code: ENFP-A (Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Prospecting, Assertive). The test is very comprehensive, and so are the results. And thus, I embarked on a journey to read my results.

“Campaigners are fiercely independent, and much more than stability and security, they crave creativity and freedom.”

No other line has ever defined me more than this line. Freedom has always been on the top of my priorities, and as I have mentioned earlier, creativity is my love. And YES, I do crave them. More than anything else.

My major future goal is to join showbiz, especially as a Film maker. One of the main reasons for this is also that this field is all about telling stories in creative ways. To give life to imaginations and fictions. I never wanted to work under anyone else, being an alpha, Director seemed to be a good position, where I could be in charge, have all the freedom I wanted, and would be the ultimate decision maker. Moreover, story writing has been one of my biggest passions. I could then write my own stories and visualize them through cinema. As it is very hard to find desirable roles in the industry, why not instead create my own roles for myself?

Everything has more than one perspectives, and exploring different ways to perceive the same thing is one of my traits. Which helps me find novel solutions to different problems.

Furthermore, it is described that Campaigners, due to their energy, are sometimes thrust in the spotlight, but this isn’t where they want to because of their independence-loving natures. Routine maintenance and administrative tasks can often become boring and Campaigners soon become dejected and lose patience in these tasks. Which is absolutely true. I could never sit and do the same lengthy boring tasks for more than a few seconds. To a level, where I couldn’t even study some subjects for exams which I found dull and boring.

Which led me to these lines on the website: “Campaigners are natural explorers of interpersonal connections and philosophy, but this backfires when what needs to be done is that TPS report sitting right in front of them. It’s hard for Campaigners to maintain interest as tasks drift towards routine, administrative matters, and away from broader concepts.” These lines made me laugh so much at how incredibly true yet hilarious it was.

At some points, I did consider being checked for Executive Dysfunction or ADHD. Which, I still consider as possible disorders I might have. Although, I do need more research into it.

Moreover, it is stated that Campaigners can have spontaneous bursts of energies which often surprises even people who are close to them. They keep exploring, until they can find their right place in the world. “But when they finally do find their place in the world, their imagination, empathy and courage are likely to produce incredible results.” Their strengths include: They’re curios, observant, energetic and enthusiastic, excellent communicators, know how to relax, very popular and friendly. Their Weaknesses include: poor practical skills, find it difficult to focus, overthink things, get stresses easily, highly emotional, independent to a fault.

I wouldn’t agree with everything mentioned above, but it is mostly true. All things considered, seems like a Campaigner at the moment. And my chances for success are very high, which has nothing to do with being a campaigner, by the way.

Try out the test yourself and have fun exploring. www.16personalities.com

Credits to www.16personalities.com for the information mentioned above.

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